Rejuv-A-Nation Presents  |  David's Tent NJ, April 21st - April 23rd 2017

Core Values Statement

  • With grateful hearts we lift up the name and persons of God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and Holy Spirit our Guide,  Counsellor, Teacher and Comforter,

  • We appreciate the extravagant expressions of love and belonging we experience as children of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

  • We express our appreciation, gratefulness and love in song and on musical instruments.

  • We commune with the holy and triune God through praise, worship and prayer.

  • We are intentional in our pursuit to ever grow closer and more intimate with Him through our ministry of musical worship.

  • We invite all Believers in Christ Jesus, regardless of race, nationality, color, denomination to come together in spirit and truth to worship our great God, Creator and Husband in pure worship, solely focused on Him.

  • Our songs for David’s Tent NJ will strictly be sung to Him, expressing our love, gratefulness, adoration and praise for who He is to all.

  • This is an environment and atmosphere created out of our relationship and not a religious environment/act. There is only room for the expressions of unadulterated relationships with our heavenly Father.

  • At the conclusion of this even Abba Father will know our deep passion for Him here in the state of NJ and across this nation.

  • Titles, positions, accomplishments and accolades will be left outside of this event. We come as a unified front pouring our individual and collective love out on Christ Jesus for the GREAT price He paid dying on the cross for us and as us so that He might conquer death, hell and the grave once and for all going into the Holy of Holies ransoming us all.

  • This is not a forum for preaching, prophesying, or even extended intercession on the platform – but it is a forum for worship, thanksgiving, adoration, and scriptural songs of prayer and love to Jesus.

  • Prayer warriors will be on site interceding for our city and nation during this event, and ministry to people can take place any time in the designated tents.

  • Though we will not preach from the stage, our prayer and worship leaders are ready for any opportunities to minister to people. We want to personally share the good news of salvation to all who are open.

  • It is our intention to have free resources available for those in need.

  • We believe many will be touched by God’s presence simply from the continuous worship.

  • The Tent is a celebration! "The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous" (Psalm 118:15).

  • We want to create an atmosphere in our city and nation that values, glorifies, and delights in Jesus, above all else.

  • Everyone's song is valuable. The role of each worship leader is to encourage people to a greater release of their own unique expression of love to Jesus, not to provide a performance.

  • Each believer in Jesus is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and the Church's great song of love to Jesus will be lacking if any voice is silent. We want worship to God reverberating in passionate, unified chorus to the world. When 2 or 3 are gathered in His name… He is in the midst of them (Matt. 18:20).

  • Every church, ministry, and denomination can agree on one thing – Jesus is worthy of our love! The perfect unity Jesus prayed for in John 17:21 is God’s will.

  • God commands His blessing and anointing on His people when they are unified (Psalm 133). We must be unified in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

  • We gather around Jesus’ throne in equal humility, exalting only Him. We count it a privilege to become a nameless, faceless generation that makes famous the name of Jesus alone!

  • We honor Jerusalem. We are inspired by David’s expression of devotion in setting up a tent for the ark of the Lord’s presence. But we are under no illusion that our city, nation or any other has taken the place of Israel in God's plan for mankind. God calls Himself "the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," and we honor their descendants.

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